#101 – Patrick McKeown | Breathing like a Pro

Patrick Mckeown is a world-renowned breathing practitioner, author and speaker that has helped thousands of people around the world, including athletes, military and other high performers.

Lewis and Patrick discuss how functional breathing is not only the key to unlocking many different physical benefits to performance but for mental performance too.

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This episode at a glance

  • COVID-19’s effect on the respiratory system and how to mitigate symptoms through nasal breathing. [04:15] 
  • Patrick shares his struggles with asthma and sleep apnea as a child. [11:09]
  • Patrick’s first attempts into improving his own breathing through taping and dilators. [14:28]
  • “Mindfulness will not address respiratory physiology.” [17:28]
  • Why breathing through the nose instead of the mouth is better-as explained by science. Patrick also discusses that healthcare needs a multidisciplinary approach that includes breathwork. [20:48] 
  • The basics of breathing are often overlooked. Build good habit breathing habits so it becomes second nature. [32:48]
  • Dysfunctional breathing can hinder performance and aggravate pains among other implications. The breath-hold test is useful for self-assessment. [36:42]
  • Manage panic attacks by improving everyday breathing patterns. [43:34] 
  • Patrick’s tailored approach to help different people with functional breathing. [46:59] 
  • Patrick’s book recommendations. [57:54] 
  • Patrick invented the MYOTAPE to take the scariness out of taping. [59:09]


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Website: oxygenadvantage.com
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