Performance mindfulness

Lower Anxiety.

Higher confidence.

Learn the skills to be more focused, present and in control during moments of pressure, fatigue and stress.

Bring your best strengths in any given moment.


The Skills that you learn…

Physical Wellbeing

Let go of tension.

Become more aware of the impact of stress on the body, learn how the simple act of stretching or muscle relaxation can impact mental and physical performance.

Breath Control

Control what you can.

Learn to use your breathing to take control of the physical reaction to the moment. Learn techniques and methods that can be used to harness the stress, delay fatigue and think clearer under pressure a bring your strengths forward in any moment.

Focused Attention

Think clearly under pressure

Learn how to maintain focus on the process, how you respond and act when faced with threats from internal and external distraction. Regulate your emotions that can be both helpful or harmful and regain focus towards what you can control.

Since working with Lewis it has transformed my thinking and approach to cricket. Things like the separation between my self-worth and performance, using breathing to aid my preparation and my mid-game and post-game routines and most of all the value of being mindful and present when it comes to sporting performance. It’s been brilliant so far and will 100% something I continue to develop with Lewis.

James Bracey, England & Gloucetershire CCC

Who for

Who’s it for


Be a more confident, resilient and mindful athlete.


Help your athletes by being able to provide them with techniques that put you and your athlete’s wellbeing in mind.


Part of a team? Learn how these practices can work for your whole squad.



Lewis Hatchett

Founder of Sport Yogi, performance mindset & mindfulness coach for athletes, podcast host, yogi and psychology student. Blending his experiences and expertise to help understand who you are, establish a new perspective and create a mindset for happiness and achievement.



If you’re interested in bringing performance mindfulness to you or your team, reach out!