#86 – Prioritising mental Health & Viewing it like Physical health

Lewis talks about the recent news around athletes such as Simone Biles & Ben Stokes taking breaks due to protecting their mental health and how working on your mental health as an athlete, should be a priority. How it can be viewed the same as your physical health and some methods in which to maintain and improve your mental health and strength.

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This episode at a glance

  • Olympians speaking out about mental health in sport. [2:31]
  • How the discussion on mental health shifted compared to 20 years ago. [3:20]
  • Social media as a pressure on current athletes. [4:33]
  • Athletes receiving support from their community when coming forward with their mental health challenges. [6:20]
  • Exercising empathy when we take to social media and comment on the performance of professional athletes. [7:41]
  • You don’t always get to choose when you experience physical or mental injuries. [12:00]
  • Applauding athletes for being honest with their ability to contribute in a team event, even if that sometimes means withdrawing. [13:17]
  • Treating the mind like any part of the body. It should receive proper attention, training and recovery. [13:39]
  • As an athlete, you’re not going to feel your best all the time. [14:23]
  • Different kinds of activities and exercises can improve and strengthen your mental health. [15:53]
  • How can athletes manage the two sources of mental pressure? [18:52]
  • Make your mental health a priority. [21:43]
  • Joining the conversation on mental health creates awareness and an opportunity for discussion. [22:30]

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