#92 – Riley Day | From the Ordinary to the Extraordinary

Riley Day is an Australian Sprinter having recently competed in the Tokyo Olympics. She rose to fame in Australia having spent her time in the build-up working at her local Woolworths store. Lewis and Riley discuss her experience of her first Olympics, how she’s managed nerves and expectations and looking forward to Paris 2024.

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This episode at a glance

  • What Riley is doing during quarantine after the Tokyo Olympics [2:39]
  • Riley’s experience in the Tokyo Olympics [4:10]
  • How Riley started in sports and when she decided to focus on sprinting. [6:48]
  • Riley was devastated when she missed the finals by 0.01 but she learned from it. [7:37]
  • You use a setback as a motivation to keep going. [8:36]
  • Riley’s sports inspirations. [9:12]
  • Pieces of Wisdom from Sally Pearson, her mentor and inspiration. [10:41]
  • How Riley dealt with nerves during the olympic games. [12:33]
  • Riley’s story and how she balances working in Woolworth’s, studying in University, and training for the Olympics. [15:30]
  • Riley’s hobbies and what she does during her leisure time. [20:26]
  • Riley’s thoughts on mental health and social media. [22:06]
  • The kind of athlete Riley wants to work toward. [24:08]
  • How Riley’s supportive upbringing helps her channel a support to her siblings and looking forward to teaching upcoming athletes in the Woolworth’s sponsorship program. [26:10]
  • Riley’s plans for the next 3 years. [27:21]
  • Parts of Riley’s training that she focuses on the most. [28:20]
  • What Riley does to prevent injuries. [30:28]
  • How Riley felt achieving a personal best in the Tokyo Olympics. [32:29]
  • Riley’s recommendations to upcoming athletes. [34:45]


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