152 – Roger Black | Surround Yourself with People Better than You

Roger Black is a former athlete who competed internationally for Great Britain and England. During his athletics career, he won individual silver medals in the 400 metres sprint at both the Olympic Games and World Championships, two individual gold medals at the European Championships, and 4 × 400 metres relay gold medals at both the World and European Championships.

Lewis and Roger discuss what it takes to excel in athletics, the benefits of competing with the very best in your field, and the role mentors play in an athlete’s success. 

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[00:00] Roger’s Journey to Professional Athletics

[04:24] Getting Into Professional Sports at 18

[06:07] How Late Is Too Late for a Kid to Get Into Sports?

[09:34] The Golden Era of British Athletics

[11:45] Healthy Expectations For Young Athletes

[15:32] Understanding the Parent-Athlete Relationship

[18:31] The Value of Having a Seasoned Confidant in Your Life

[22:08] Roger’s Heart Condition

[25:20] Qualities of a Great Mentor

[31:05] The Best Type of Mentor You’ll Ever Have

[34:12] Roger’s Experience Racing Michael Johnson

[39:27] Finding Motivation as an Athlete

[42:35] Benefits of Focusing on What You Can Control

[47:32] What It’s Like Competing with the Very Best

[51:36] Why You Can Never Be Complacent in Sports

[55:50] Embracing the Journey to Self Discovery

[57:43] Parting Thoughts


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