Russell Earnshaw is a rugby union coach working in sports and business with the Magic Academy. He played Premiership rugby with West Hartlepool, Bath Rugby and Rotherham Titans, winning the European Cup at Bath.

In this episode, expect to learn the impact of gamification on sports teams, vulnerability as a strength for coaches, what to do when you no longer enjoy the game, and ways coaches can ask for feedback and intentionally act on it.



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[00:00] Introduction

[01:21] Who is Russell Earnshaw?

[04:45] An Athlete’s Performance During Their Peak Years

[07:44] Coaches Asking For Feedback and Acting On It

[11:16] Russell’s Transition Out of Rugby

[16:29] Reasons Athletes No Longer Enjoy the Sport

[19:00] Coaches Going Into a New Team Environment 

[20:05] The Power of Ownership and Kindness in Sports

[28:12] Ways to Develop a Strong Team Culture

[31:41] Vulnerability as a Strength For Coaches

[34:08] Speed Dating for Athletes

[40:17] The ‘How to’ Guide to Becoming a Better Athlete

[44:56] Accountability and Working with Perfectionistic Coaches

[47:50] What is the Pinneaple Game?

[49:38] Integrating Playfulness in Professional Team Environments 

[53:52] Why Athletes Should Focus on Enjoying Themselves on the Field

[56:12] Russell’s Definition of Coaching

[59:08] Advice for Coaches Looking to Develop Themselves

[01:03:52] Russell’s Go-To Self-Improvement Resource

[01:04:48] Parting Thoughts


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