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Mindset coaching to work alongside your programmes.

Speaking engagements

The mission of every speaking engagement is to bring awareness to how your mindset can be the greatest strength in achieving your goals without losing the sense of who you are.

“We would love to have him back again in the future. His story can be related to many challenges students face in school.”

– Mark Queen, Head of Character Education, Steyning Grammar School

Types of Engagements

For Athletes

While your developing mindset is a personal task, there are themes that are relevant to all in the world right now such as; confidence, resilience, motivation, perfectionism, fear of failure, perspective, self doubt, goal setting, fulfillment, happiness.

For Coaches

You have the power to create the most incredible expeirences that those will ever know. Yet with that power comes great responsibility (spiderman). What are you going to do with it?

For Parents

The world of sport is a tough environment. But so is the world. Yet naturally you want to protect your kids fomr the pain, suffering and only want the best form them. However, all of that come at a cost?

For High Pressure Teams

Be seen as an organisation that looks after its people, whether it’s as a way of recruiting or retaining talent or simply as a good news piece for positive PR for your organisation.

Lewis uses his unique story to engage and inspire while delivering thought-provoking insights that come from first-hand experience and expertise.

Engagements include:




Q & A's


Additional options

Human first

MindStrong Academy

An online mindset academy built to develop the human being using a mindset course, masterclasses, game changer exercises, and inspirational content.

Athlete Second

MindStrong Sport

A mental training app that uses meditation and performance psychology to better understand the mind both on and off the field.

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