4 Sources to Find Confidence

9th September 2022

Read time: 3 minutes

In today’s issue I’m going to be sharing four places to look towards to find your confidence. Let’s dive in.

We all want confidence, it feels good. To feel in control and on top of what you’re doing, who wouldn’t want that?

The trouble is we are so hard on ourselves, and we’re 7 times more likely to say something negative to ourselves than we are positive.

But sometimes all we need to do is know is how or where we like finding that confidence.

Psychologist Albert Bandura famously coined self-efficacy theory. In which he stated 4 factors in which we look for self-efficacy (confidence):

1 – 💭 Past Experiences

Stated as mastery experiences by Bandura, these are memories in which you can refer back to that help you draw on moments when you achieved the desired outcome you want to achieve.

Look back and see if there’s any past moments that you can draw upon when you achieved an outcome or felt confident.

Write it down and describe what you did.


2 – 👁 Watching others

Known as vicarious experiences, this is viewing someone else that is similar to yourself, achieving what you want to achieve.

When we see others that we can relate to, it provides us confidence in knowing that if they can, we can too.


3 –  Verbal persuasion

We gain a huge amount of confidence in being told positive and motivating comments from people that matter to us. This could be a parent, friend, coach or teammate.

It can even be yourself, your own positive self talk. Don’t forget to pump yourself up!

If you’re a coach or parent, take note of how much this can impact someones confidence.

Are you providing enough motivating feedback?


4 – 🔧 Physical feedback

This refers to how you interpret emotions on a physical level. If you are unhealthy in the body, the chances are you will be unhealthy in the mind, and vice versa.

How you emotionally, physically and psychologically interpret your state goes a long way to building your confidence.


🤔 So what do you do with this information?

👉 Identify which one you may be able to get the most confidence from right now.

If it’s a past experience – write it down, describe it.

If it’s viewing someone else – note who, what, how they were doing things.

If it’s verbal persuasion – write down what was said to you, or try your own mantra.

If it’s physical feedback – write down how you physically felt when being confident.

It’s important to take not of all of them and which one you can get the best confidence from.

That’s all for this week. Hope this helps!

See you again next week!

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