Having hidden my condition for so long. I am telling my story of how I made it to the top level of my sport, despite having a physical disability, Poland Syndrome.

From backyard cricket with my brother, to the day I signed my first professional contract. You’ll hear of the challenges, obstacles and insecurities that my condition poses on a day-to-day basis, how this was overcome, along with the principles I have taken from my incredibly unique journey.

It’s not all about cricket.

My vision is on overcoming your insecurities, improving body image, self confidence, in a world of media that lowers the self-esteem of the masses, comes from a place of experience where I overcame my view of my own body to revealing it in public.

Featured Testimonials

Without doubt listening to your presentation was one of the stand out experiences of the event.

Listening to Lewis, there’s a lot to be said and a lot to be learned

It’s clichéd but Lewis’ story is genuinely one of those underdog stories