#100 – Stevie Ward | Tackling the Mind of a Man

Stevie Ward is a former professional rugby league player and captain of Leeds Rhinos. Who’s career was cut short through concussion at the age of 27.

On his retirement, he continued the growth of his business and brand, Mantality. Where he continues to change the stigma around men’s vulnerability, mental health and the practices that help address how we see ourselves and breaking from the norm of what society creates a man to be.

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This episode at a glance

  • Stevie discusses his injuries and the effects he still feels until now. [6:46]
  • Stevie shares the research and treatments around recovering from Rugby injuries and concussions. [9:54]
  • The tricky balance that needs to be struck with training amateur Rugby players too hard or too soft. Lewis and Stevie also talk about the technology that assist players to detect clashing force while they are training. [12:10]
  • Stevie talks about his rehab process and the limitations in his environment that he has to manage on a daily basis since he had his concussion. [14:42]
  • How Stevie manages his migraines with meditation and rehabilitation exercises. [17:50]
  • Education around injuries, migraine, and concussions. [20:17]
  • How Stevie started with Rugby. [22:45]
  • Stevie recalls his emotions when he was playing Rugby at the peak of his career. [26:18]
  • Lewis and Stevie discuss the sacrifices and non-negotiables of being a professional athlete while staying true to yourself. [28:54]
  • Stevie recalls his negative experiences and self-doubt. [30:25]
  • “It’s okay to do the work to be okay.”[38:03]
  • How Stevie started his inner work and injury rehabilitation, and how he stayed productive during his recovery period. [39:07]
  • Stevie shares the differences he felt upon returning to the sport after his injury. [45:20]
  • How his mindfulness journey influenced him when he became the captain of their team. [51:02]
  • How their deepdiving as a team led to influence their team values and culture. [55:15]
  • The reception of the players to the new culture that was established in Stevie’s Rugby team. [59:16]Stevie shares when and how MANtality came to life. [1:01:31]
  • Stevie shares how he got started with meditation. [1:06:01]
  • Stevie and Lewis discuss Vipassana, which is a 10 day silent retreat. [1:16:30]
  • Advice Stevie would give to his younger self. [1:22:10]
  • What the future looks like for Stevie. [1:25:40]
  • Stevie’s book recommendation and mantras. [1:27:35]