A Surfers Mindset

5th May 2023
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Bringing together my recent joy of skateboarding, reflections on my podcast episode with professional surfer Chelsea Tuach, and inspiration from Sahil Bloom’s Surfers Mentality blog, today is about adopting a Surfer Mindset.

I’ve spent time in the surf and can say that I’ve loved it every time. Even when a wave dumps you head first, there’s something so peaceful about the experience and what you learn each time.

You can apply the mindset of a surfer to many aspects of your life and there could be something that resonates with you here:

Get in the water

As daunting as it might be, surfers knows you’ve got to be in the water to have a chance of catching a wave.

Nothing happens on the shore.

The excitement of catching a wave outweighs the nerves of the risks.

Prep your board, tie on your leash and get out there.

Look for the right spot

Surfers are constantly moving where the best waves are coming from.

Sometimes that means you’ve got to pop up and take a look around the place to see where your next spot could be.

You don’t have to go for every wave

While there’s an opportunity to go for one, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the right one right now.

Sometimes you have to let a wave pass to get to the next or better one.

Be grateful for each wave

It may not be a smooth ride every time, but surfers are grateful for when they are able to catch a wave.

There’s no guarantee of good surf, so when they get one, they’re grateful for it happening.

Enjoy the next wave

Every wave ends, so paddle back out and get ready to enjoy the next one that will come.

Don’t dwell on the ones you missed.

The next wave is the one that matters most, stay present.

When you’re going, go 100%

Once you’ve seen a wave, commit 100% to it.

Don’t pull back. Paddle after it as hard as you can.

The wave will then pick you up and give you the momentum you need.

Fail often

Success of a wave isn’t guaranteed, but you’ll only learn about yourself and what to do better when you fail and get things wrong.

Trust yourself, back yourself

Once you’ve committed to a wave, trust you’ve made the right call and make the most of it.

If you hold back slightly, you won’t get the most out of the wave.

Lean in

All good surfers and skaters know the importance of leaning in.

If you lean back, you’ll fall for sure.

But if you lean into your experience, it doesn’t guarantee the success but it means you improve your chances of it.

Lean in to your experiences.

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