Tanni Grey Thompson | Sport Can Change the World

Tanni Grey-Thompson, also known as Carys Davina Grey-Thompson or Baroness Grey-Thompson, is a Welsh politician and former wheelchair racer. She delves into her childhood and her supportive parents, her Paralympics journey, her move to politics, and her plans for the future of disability access and inclusion.

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[04:16] Introducing Tanni
[10:16] What it Means to Race Well and Tanni’s Family
[21:31] Disabled Athletes and Paralympians
[24:41] Accessibility and Why Tanni Became an Athlete
[27:51] Mindset as Nature or Nurture
[31:18] Tanni’s Defining Moment
[35:41] Tanni’s Retirement and Move to Politics
[48:08] Sports Education
[50:36] Disability Access and Inclusion 
[56:19] Tanni’s Motto
[57:25] Where to Find Tanni


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