#158 – Tara Norris | Making the Right Move for You

Tara Norris is an American cricketer who currently plays for Sussex, North West Thunder, Southern Brave and Delhi Capitals. She plays as a left-arm medium bowler and has previously played for Loughborough Lightning and Southern Vipers. 

Fresh off of her debut in the WPL, Tara comes on the podcast to talk about her journey to professional women’s cricket. Expect to learn what it’s like hitting a five-wicket haul in the WPL, how professional athletes manage their emotions on game day, why women’s cricket is such a unique sport, and so much more. 

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[00:00] Introduction

[02:53] Why Tara Chose Cricket

[06:59] Your Role Model Doesn’t Have to Play the Same Sport as You

[09:03] The Professionalism in Women’s Cricket

[10:50] How Crowds Influence Athlete Performance

[14:12] Challenges in Professional Women’s Cricket

[16:14] Tara Turning Pro

[18:15] Playing and Training with Men

[20:05] The Courage It Takes to Move Teams

[24:46] Tara’s Biggest Career Highlight – The WPL Draft

[26:22] Tara’s Five-Wicket Haul in the WPL

[29:20] The Gap Between Australian Players and the Rest of the World

[31:19] Difference Between Feeling Ready and Being Ready

[35:08] How to Manage Your Emotions During Games

[38:03] What to Expect From Tara This Summer

[39:04] Parting Thoughts


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