Building Culture

Post Pandemic

A day workshop designed to boost unity by create meaningful culture, more confidence and togetherness.

😌 Happier & fulfilled teams

💙 People feeling more valued

⚙️ Better Teamwork

🤗 Increased Team Unity

🧲 Higher Attraction to the group

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Retain & recruit

Your top talent

47% of high performing employees left their company (1)

59% of Gen-Z say they expect to stay with their current employer for less than 2 years. (2)

15% of job seekers declined a job offer due to the company’s culture. (3)


What’s Included

Together for a day,

culture for years.

TeamStrong is a workshop that builds, strengthens and supports your company culture by giving you the structure to develop team cultures and values from within. 

We do this through Lewis’ insight into what works and what doesn’t in high-performance environments, combined with mindfulness and mindset coaching expertise. 

TeamStrong can unlock a team’s ability to perform above expectations. 

Values, Behaviours, Rituals.

In a day-long workshop, we will bring the team together and inspire them to articulate their shared values, defining what they do, why they do it, and how these actions impact day-to-day life. 

Know where you’re going by knowing who you are & what you want.

The result is a clear roadmap of collective values created by the team, for the team, and regular check-ins and guidance as the culture evolves and strengthens. 

Using this roadmap, companies can balance team direction and success with happiness and fulfilment, building a culture that naturally attracts and nurtures talent. 

Take it from them 👇

We’ve come up with some really strong collective opinions of what we want our culture to be.


About me

Hey – I’m Lewis 

Having spent my entire life in teams within sport. I have learnt what brings people together, what connects the human beings in pursuit of excellence but also something bigger.

I take the lessons, techniques and mindset from professional sport that can help your team become a place where people want to be, rather than have to be.



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