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    TGP #3 – 3 Steps to Define your Success.

    Read time: 3 minutes In today's issue we're going to be discovering, or re-discovering, what success looks like to you. The problem is so many of us define our success on factors that aren’t in our control, the external, leaving us unfulfilled even if we achieve them....

    TGP #2 – 4 Sources to Find Confidence.

    4 Sources to Find Confidence.Read time: 3 minutes In today's issue I'm going to be sharing four places to look towards to find your confidence. Let's dive in. We all want confidence, it feels good. To feel in control and on top of what you're doing, who wouldn't want...

    TGP #1 – 3 Questions for Weekly Progress

    3 Questions for Weekly ProgressRead time: 3 minutes Welcome to the first issue of this newsletter. I'm excited for what I've got planned. One of the reasons behind this was that I always wished I could of had a coach that text/emailed me before each weekend of sport...