Tom Mitchell is a Rugby Union International who has represented Great Britain and England Sevens at the World Series, the Olympics, and Commonwealth Games. Tom won an Olympic silver medal as captain for Great Britain in the 2016 Summer Olympics. He debuted for England at the 2012 Wellington Sevens and was the leading scorer in the 2013-14 World Series with 358 points, helping England to a fourth-place finish in the Series that year.

In this episode, expect to learn the foundation of authentic leadership, what it’s like working in a high-performance environment, leading teams, and the difference between young Athletes today versus back in the day.



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[00:00] Introduction

[01:12] Young Athletes Today Versus Back in the Day

[04:12] Coaching Introverted Versus Extroverted Athletes

[08:02] Perfectionism and Freedom of Expression

[12:58] When People Doubt Their Abilities

[18:05] Tom’s Experience Working with a Sports Psychologist

[22:00] The Human-First Approach to Coaching

[28:14] Lessons Learned: Tom’s Experience as a Leader

[32:02] The Foundation of Authentic Leadership

[35:44] Having Values as a Leader

[39:29] The Benefits of Having Role Models

[41:19] Lewis Reveals His Role Models Growing Up

[45:00] Tom’s Sporting Role Models 

[47:58] The Best Mindset to Have as an Athlete

[51:37] Fighting the Culture of Comparison in Sports

[53:40] Parting Thoughts 


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