#80 – Travis Head | Being a Young Leader, Managing Being Dropped, and In & Out of Form

Travis Head is an International Australian Cricketer. We talk about how he managed being the youngest captain for South Australia Cricket Team at the age of 21.

How he manages being de-selected and how to come back stronger. How he performs under pressure, the idea of being out of form on paper but feeling inform yourself.

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This episode at a glance

  • What Travis does when he is out of form. [3:42]
  • How to properly review a video footage of your game. [4:53]
  • Travis’ training routine. [7:46]
  • What activities Travis does to relax. [10:27]
  • How Travis started in cricket. [10:56]
  • How important it is playing up the age groups in cricket. [14:00]
  • How Travis discovered his leadership skills. [15:11]
  • The common mistakes and lessons Travis learned in his early days as a leader. [17:11]
  • How Travis prepared for tough conversations with his team. [20:14]
  • Where Travis gets his inspiration with being a leader. [22:44]
  • What helps Travis bounce back when gets deselected. [25:57]
  • Travis’ mindset when things are going his way. [31:09]
  • How Travis adjusts to playing in different countries. [32:18]
  • How Travis keep himself physically and mentally well. [34:10]
  • How to deal with noise and the business and politics inside cricket. [37:38]
  • What the Boxing Day Tests are like. [40:33]
  • The entertainment side of sports. [47:38]
  • What currently drives Travis. [48:55]
  • The 2 people who inspired Travis early on in his career: Peter Sleep and Tim Nielsen. [49:48]


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