Two Perspective Lenses

9th June 2023
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Picture yourself standing at a starting line, the 100 meter hurdles race to be exact. What do you see?

Do you see the hurdles?

Do you see the competitors beside you?

Do you see how far away the finish line is?


Do you see your first steps?

Do you see you crossing the finishing line?

Do you see you leaping over the hurdles to success?

You see, we get a choice. To view what is in front of us through two lenses; either an Obstacle Lens or an Opportunity Lens.

So let’s enter the perspective optometrist, whether you have 20/20 vision or not, and see what lens fits best for you.

The Obstacle Lens

When placing this lens on you could see:

  • The chance of failure.
  • The lack of opportunities.
  • Others that are better than us.
  • How much work it’s going to take.
  • Everything that is going to get in the way.

When you see everything as obstacles, goals and ambitions can seem so far out of reach.

Every step could be seen as an uphill battle, everything as a task, or chore to overcome.

You could fall into a sense of hopelessness, stagnation, not knowing where to turn.

Having this perspective leads to us becoming resentful, pessimistic, full of excuses, demotivated in our sports, work and even relationships.

Another way to look at it is that you also become reactive to the world around you.

Fortunately applying another lens could turn those roadblocks into stepping stones.

The Opportunity Lens

By applying this lens we see things as:

  • A chance to grow.
  • The possibility of success.
  • The chance to learn new things.
  • A way of showing people what we can do.
  • Potential opportunities to show your character.

You’ll likely seize chances that come your way.

Your goals become an exciting journey of adventure and creating character.

When we see through this lens, our perspective shifts to one of resilience, adaptability and motivation.

In short, you actively take control of your destiny, creating chances and opportunities that you may not have seen.

Through this lens you begin to see the opportunties in achievement, and the opportunity for you as a human being.

This way we don’t become bogged down by what is ahead of us, instead we arm ourselves with an understanding that to climb the mountains ahead could be one hell of a journey.

We don’t see how far that journey may be, but how interesting the track ahead looks.

The next ime you are faced with a challenge, ask:

  • Which lens am I looking through?
  • Where can I find the opporunity that lies in front of me?

You could be facing an upcoming match, presentation, exam.

Whatever it might be.

Our resilience (ability to deal with a range of stress) can depend on how we interpret situations. Whether we see things as a threat, or as an opportunity.

So place yourself back on that starting line.

What do you see?

Obstacles or Opportunities?

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