Why You Need a Game Plan

1st December 2023
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This week I had 50km World Champion Carla Molinaro on the podcast.

She had just completed the world championships in a time of 3:18:22 (that’s in India’s sweltering heat too!)

But during our chat on the show, she talked about something I was fascinated by: her Race Plan.

Carla draws a map of the race coming up and marks out certain areas of the route that she knows could be tough and challenging.

By noting out when the tough and challenging moments are likely to be she isn’t surprised when they arrive.

Not only this, she can then put into plan some form of action that she wants to take as it happens.

It’s a proactive strategy for adversity rather than a reactive one.

While you might not be running a race like Carla did and be in need of a Race Plan, I think we could all do with a Game Plan.

Writing your Game Plan

Step One: Highlight the Goal

Note down what your goal is.

Carla example: to win the world championships.

Step Two: Highlight Potential Challenges

Identify all the possible ways that you might experience challenges along the way.

Carla example: moments in the course that could be particularly hard (uphill or at a certain distance).

Step Three: Write the Action to Combat the Challenges

What is the action you want to take when faced with your challenge.

Carla example: using motivating self-talk to push through it and block out negative self-talk

Having a Game Plan for our goals is not only about how we might get there, but what we will do in the face of adversity.

It’s important because we become proactive, not reactive, to potential challenges.

Overcoming those challenges could be the difference between achieving what we hope for and not.

Think about the skills you may need, the character you’d like to embody when faced with adversity.

If you can do that, you’ll not only feel ready but give yourself a far greater chance of success.


What’s your Game Plan?

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