E139 | Will Greenwood | Strategies, Coping and Advice for Sport & Life

Will Greenwood is a former England Rugby Legend and part of the world cup winning team of 2003. Lewis and Will discuss a range of topics around, strategising on the field as a team, how to cope with challenges off the field, advice to young players getting into sport and the power of sport as a whole. Will is also a strong advocate for Festival of Sport, a program dedicated to encouraging kids and their families to try out new types of sports.

Will shares the challenges he faced throughout his career as a rugby player and how he coped with each obstacle he had to endure to still be a better person first. He will also share some wisdom he has developed throughout his career for young and aspiring athletes. 

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[04:12] Introducing Will Greenwood

[07:08] Identifying Your Own Idiosyncrasy

[09:00] Knowledge Passed on by Parents

[10:42] Life and Application Ruled by Numbers

[13:24] Math in Coaching

[16:06] From Micro to Macro Strategy

[17:52] Coach and Player Intuition

[19:27] The Effects of Modern Technology

[21:00] Adapting to the New Generation

[24:13] Life After Coaching

[27:00] Establishing Your Well-Being and Resiliency

[29:11] Living the Most Based on Your Generation

[30:46] Advice to Young Players

[32:17] Playing the Sport You Love

[33:08] Downside of Playing with the Academy 

[34:32] Challenges Faced by Will

[35:30] Overcoming the Obstacles and Challenges

[37:26] Establishing a Circle of Trust 

[40:21] Creating Memories Through Sport

[45:08] The Festival of Sport Movement

[48:51] Bring More Play Back to School

[51:59] Resources that have Impacted Will

[55:59] Conclusion



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